Meet Microsoft Sam

Microsoft India’s Bangalore Technology Research center presents a robot made using the Robotics Studio 2008 & powered by .Net

Win 7 & Shoddy Indian Tech Journalism

Horrendous blunders by tech journalists in attempts to defame Microsoft. Mistakes made while reporting on Windows 7.

Microsoft’s Local Impact On India & World

An iteresting site highlighting Microsoft’s social initiatives around the world.

Microsoft Toolshed

A new website from microsoft New Zealand directing you to the right tools for the right purposes. :) Links to Indian counterpart services included :)

.Net & Windows 7 Sessions By Microsoft In Mumbai

Session by Microsoft on .Net (WPF) & Windows 7 in Mumbai on 23rd March.

~70 User-Generated Geo-Tagged Synths In India

Photosynths of Indian places created & generated by users, submitted for world viewing, geotagged on Virtual Earth.

Digital Heritage Project Gets Major Update, Visitor Contributions Enabled

Microsoft India’s Digital Heritage Research project get’s a major update. Users can now contribute witht heir images & synths!

Microsoft India Talks On Dreamspark

A discussion with MSFT India Academia Director about their attempts to help the students & their Dreamspark initiative.

MS Surface Surfaces In India

Images from the first public appearance of Microsoft Surface in India.

Microsoft Research Digitizes Indian Heritage In HD, Beautifully

A project by Microsoft India to digitally capture India’s heritage.

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