Microsoft Openly Challenges VMware In New Ad

microsoft new efficiency logoMicrosoft vs Apple in the consumer segment is a well known battle and Microsoft has taken charge with it’s I’M A PC campaign which has been successful, unfortunately the same cannot be said about the response by Apple. Anyway, in the corporate sector Microsoft has competition from VMware and here Microsoft has the upper hand, after an open war of words between heads of both companies and Microsoft’s new massive New Efficiency campaign, Microsoft is targeting & challenging VMware openly in a new ad, they’re making no bones about it and are directly calling out VMware as an expensive and not as feature rich solution to Server Virtualization. Point blank stating that their solutions are more cost effective than VMware.

The ad surprised me ‘coz the only the other company I’ve seen so blatantly calling out their competitor’s name is Apple, in their Mac vs PC ads. Here’s the ad:

Check out around 30 seconds into the video :D

Honestly, I love the ad, it seems very much like Apple’s Mac vs PC ads with a chilled out casual guy dissing the competitor. This is the Microsoft I want to see. Here’s to another battle to be fought by ads, waiting for VMware’s response, if any.