Microsoft Band: The Polished Prototype

Microsoft Band, the good, the bad, and the ugly.

Lumia 920 First Impressions

Having tried the Lumia 800, Lumia 900, here are some initial impressions of the new Windows Phone 8 flagship phone–Nokia Lumia 920.

The Holiday 2012 Shopping Wish-List

Unlike last year’s holiday season, this one seems to have a lot of interesting gadgets. And I plan to buy some.

Where’s The Mobile Market Headed?

A quick look at the offerings and the market stats as of now.

The Courier Is Social, Does Facebook And SMS

new images of the Microsoft Courier tablet show SMS and Social features.

[Update] Windows Mobile 6.5.5 Exists? Microsoft Not Giving Up On Windows Mobile

A tweet points towards Microsoft’s Windows Mobile build 6.5.5

Microsoft Planned To Make Windows Mobile Into Wacom Like Graphic Tablets?

Recently surfaced Microsoft patent shows ability to use a Windows Phone as a Wacom like graphics tablet input device

[Update #2] Microsoft Asia Working On A Futuristic Mobile Charging Pad

Microsoft Patent reveals a charging pad for portable devices such mobile phones. The charging pad comes with an OLED screen, Internet access, ambient light sensors and accelerometers.

Apple Patent Shows NFC Module In iPhone. Unlock PCs & Doors Using iPhone

Apple patent reveals NFC module to unlock PCs and doors.

Microsoft Shows Device Control By Muscle Movement [Demo Video & Images]

Control devices by flexing your finger muscles, control portable media player or other devices by gesture control. Microsoft’s Muscle-Computer Interfaces (muCIs)

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