AMD+ATI+CoD4=Gaming Heaven

Some images of AMD+ATI’s promotional setup at our college tech fest.

Windows Calendar Tricks (Live & Vista)

Sync your Live Calendar, Facebook events & birthdays with your Windows Calendar. Also, your Facebook events & birthdays with Live Calendar.

Fake Steve Presents The Real Future Of Technology

Images from Fake Steve’s Keynote at the Web 2.0 Expo 2008 at New York.

Microsoft – Life Without Walls

Microsoft’s phase 2 of the $300M ad campaign.

Jerry-Gates Are NOT ‘Canceled’

English can be a funny language to interpret or maybe not. Jerry-Gates ads are not ‘canceled’. Jerry was never gonna featuring in every commercial.

Windows Dis-Integrated

Microsoft’s Windows Live & Windows OS need a lot more integration.

Happy Engineer’s Day

A happy engineer’s day to all.

Zune Finally Goes 1 Up On iPods

Zune 3rd gen are gonna kick iPods where it hurts.

Google Beat Apple At Its Game

With Chrome & Android Google beat Apple at it’s own game.

Follow Microsoft Tech.ED Sessions

Follow Microsoft’s tech.ed 2008 sessions of New Zealand & Australia.

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