pptPlex Updated For PowerPoint 2010. Now Supports Windows 7 Multi Touch

The Office Labs team has updated the awesome powerpoint addon tool pptPlex that converts presentations into a canvas of slides allowing you to zoom and pan around.

[Update: False Alarm] Windows Live Wave 4 Icon Spotted

Microsfot Live Wave 4 has a new icon. The icon is 4 superimposed on the Windows flag.

Microsoft Maren: Transliteration Tool For Arabic

Microsoft Middle East has released a transliteration tool for Arabic called Microsoft Maren.

Windows Live Display Driver Comes With Wave 4

Windows Live Wave 4 is set to install a driver named Windows Live Display Driver that is likely to replace the Mesh Remote Desktop Driver.

TellTable – Use Your Objects To Tell Your Story On Microsoft Surface

Microsoft Research project TellTable allows you to create your own stories by including your own objects and characters using a camera and Surface’s multi-touch capabilities.

Microsoft India’s My Safe PC Campaign And The MSE Robot

Microsoft India has launched an online and offline campaign by tieing up with technology magazine publishers called My Safe PC where some of Microsoft’s end user products are made available as a package.

3D Spinning Browser & Rotating Video On Windows Phone 7 [Videos]

Two demos shown at Tech Ed India highlighting the Silverlight’s capabilities on Windows Phone 7 – A 3D Cube browser and rotating vieos across the X-Y axis.

Does iPhone OS 4 Violate Patent Filed By Microsoft?

Looks like Apple is offering a feature for enterprises that Microsoft has applied a patent for.

[Update] Norton 360 v4 First Look And Giveaway (2 Copies)

A quick review of Norton 360 v4 and give away of a Norton 360 v4 box pack.

Apple Patent Explains Shopping, Financing And Payment App For The iPhone

Apple patent shows iPhone as a mode for making payments and financial transactions with a Shopping app that has financing and payments.

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