[Update #2] Microsoft Asia Working On A Futuristic Mobile Charging Pad

Microsoft Patent reveals a charging pad for portable devices such mobile phones. The charging pad comes with an OLED screen, Internet access, ambient light sensors and accelerometers.

Apple Patent Shows NFC Module In iPhone. Unlock PCs & Doors Using iPhone

Apple patent reveals NFC module to unlock PCs and doors.

Your Windows Mobile Could Capture & Share Media Content

Windows Mobile 7 to allow capturing and streaming of broadcast television media clips of TV shows or movies depending on broadcasters.

New Macbook Design? RJ-45 Coming To The Macbook Air?

Apple patent shows possible new macbook design, connector ports to move to the back and new technology to reduce port sizes and computer form factor.

IE 9 To Enhance Tab Browsing – Quick Tabs To Be Improved

Microsoft patent reveals possible Internet Explorer 9 features. Quick Tabs interface to be significantly improved.

Apple Patent Shows New iPhone OS UI & Contacts On Home Screen

Apple patent shows next gen iPhone OS UI, contacts coming to home screen and contact screen getting more options.

Microsoft Patents Central Remote Management Technology For Mobile Devices

Microsoft patent reveals central management of mobile devices technology. A central database and location to modify to configure mobile devices.

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